The original Kart. Lightweight and easy to move.

SmartKart II

Cart used in Endoscopy procedures. Updated version of the SmartKart with plenty of storage space. Comes with a flat panel arm or a CRT platform. Can be adapted to hold 2 monitors.

D.A.V.I. SmartKart

Difficult Airway Video Intubation cart. Incorporates a spacious work top surface. Contains plenty of storage space. Comes with a flat panel arm or CRT platform. Can Mount up to 2 Flexible Scope Cabinets to cart.

SmartKart Junior

Used for Endoscopic procedures in small doctors offices or suites. Lightweight, full featured and ideal for limited spaces.

CLA Kart

Updated version of the original SmartKart. Exhibits a 48 inch long arm for flat panel monitor or option for a flat panel monitor short arm. Has storage space for two CO2 tanks.


Endoscope & TEE Probe Protector & Contaminate Shield

The ProShield is the BEST way to store, transport & pre-clean delicate devices.

Mobile Monitor Stand

Holds auxillary video monitor in operating rooms. Can be moved from room to room easily.

Flexible Scope Cabinet

Holds 3 flexible scopes. Wall mounted or up to 2 mounted on the D.A.V.I. SmartKart.

Dual Tank CO2 Gas Control System

Allows switching CO2 tanks without interruption of procedure.